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1. Ordering and questions, to maximize efficiency and provide customers with low pricing and rapid delivery times our online store is structured for online ordering, phone orders cost much more to process. If you have a question about a part or order please email us at, if you can not order online, email us and we will contact you directly or call 218-947-3595, thank you. 

2. How quickly will I receive my order?  Most orders received before 2:00 PM will ship that day, most USPS shipments (US) arrive in 2 to 3 days.

3. Do we ship internationally? Yes (see Shipping tab/Returns tab).

4. Can I return an item?  Of course any item can be returned for a full refund up to 30 days after date of purchase (see Return Policy under Shipping/Returns Tab).

5. What type of parts do we sell? currently our inventory consists of:

  • Oem - Original Manufacture equipment   
  • Aftermarket- Parts produced by non OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) companies.
  • Used OEM- Parts removed from used equipment, which are then cleaned, inspected and graded.

6. How do I know what carburetor kit I need?  You need to know two key items, the model of your saw and the type of carburetor, which 99 percent of the time will be a Zama, Walbro or Tillotson. It will clearly say on your saws carburetor which brand it is. With those two pieces of information you should be able to match your saw to the proper kit.

7. What do I need to know to order a bar for my saw?  You need to know the make/model of saw (this will give us the correct mount for the bar) next you need to know the correct pitch (sprocket size), you need to know the length, and finally the gauge (the size of the groove the chain follows). Pitch, Gauge, Length and Drive Links (DL) information is stamped on the face of most bars.